Lasik Eye FAQs


What is Lasik Eye Surgery about?
Laser vision correction is a surgical procedure that uses a cool non thermal beam of light to gently reshape the cornea — the surface of the eye — to improve vision. The laser removes microscopic bits of tissue to flatten the cornea (to correct nearsightedness), steepen the cornea (to correct farsightedness) and/or smooth out corneal irregularities (to correct astigmatism). The whole surgery process takes only takes 20 to 40 seconds. LASIK is being performed from nearly since 30 to 35 years from now.

What is the minimum age requirement to get Lasik Eye Surgery done?
Well this is the most asked query regarding Lasik. So the answer is one can get the surgery done after attaining 18 years of age. But there is another condition to that, your spectacle power has not been changed in the last one year. That means the spectacle prescription should be stable.

IS Lasik Eye Surgery safe?
The FDA has approved LASIK as a safe and effective procedure. The surgeon performs the surgery with a laser on and is able to turn it off at any moment. Many protections are in place to reduce the risk of error. Though, we very well know risks are associated with any surgical procedure. Yet the exact number of complications through Lasik are not known till date, but studies suggest that the incidence of minor difficulties such as dry eyes and nighttime glare is around 3 percent to 5 percent, while the risk of serious incidents such as lost vision is thought to be less than 1 percent. But generally the success rate of the treatments is around 94%-95%. Yet to avoid specific complications it is important to go thorough pre-operative evaluation to determine if LASIK is right for you or not.

Can I get the surgery done to both my eyes at the same time?
Because of the advanced technology associated with Laser Vision Correction, both eyes are most often treated at the same time. Most surgeons perform a LASIK procedure on both eyes at the same time.

Does the surgery hurts, is it painful?
No. The actual LASIK treatment is almost painless. The doctor will give you anesthetic eye-drops to completely relax the eye. The LASIK laser treatment usually takes less than one minute per eye but it also depends on type of defects in your eyes. You will be awake and feel comfortable during the LASIK laser procedure. During the surgery the patient might feel light pressure sensation around the eye, but most people feels very little pain. Post-surgery, patients might feel scratchy, gritty, or watery but these are all temporary symptoms and are not a problem for most patients. Eye drops will be given to help alleviate any of these symptoms causing discomfort to the patient.

What precautions does the patient need to take after getting the surgery done?

  • The eyes should not exposed to dust.
  • The eyes should not be repeatedly touched or rubbed.
  • Do not take head bath or splash water into the eye and face for 2 weeks.
  • Avoid using phones or computers for long stretch of time.
  • Do not apply too many cosmetics on the eye after the surgery.
  • Avoid exercises for 1 week.
  • Avoid self-driving for 1 week.

How soon after the LASIK laser surgery patient will able to see?
Visual recovery time varies from one day to one week after the Lasik laser surgery. The majority of patients resume normal activities in just one to two days after the LASIK laser surgery but it may take more than one month usually for correct and clear vision which is fully stabilize.
How long the effect of the surgery will last, is it permanent?
In most cases the improved vision LASIK surgery provides is permanent. But in a limited number of cases, some nearsightedness, farsightedness and/or astigmatism can return over time, causing blurry vision. If a regression of this sort occurs and becomes bothersome, a follow-up procedure called a LASIK enhancement usually can be performed to restore clear vision.

How do I know if I’m eligible for laser vision correction?
Here are some general guidelines to follow before going for the surgery:

  • You must be an adult: age 18 or older. Your vision must be stable for at least a year before surgery
  • Corneas which are too thin or irregularly shaped makes you ineligible for the surgery.
  • Eyes must be healthy with no symptoms of glaucoma, infection, cataracts, severe dry eye or any other condition that would affect postoperative healing.
  • You are physiologically unfit for the surgery during pregnancy since the hormonal levels changes during the time can affect the shape of your eye.
  • In case you have any Existing degenerative disorders autoimmune disease.

Are there any side effects?
According to the UK National Health Service complications occur in fewer than 5% of cases that are because of complications due to preoperative, intraoperative, and early postoperative, or late postoperative sources. The slight symptoms that are resolved within one to three days are mild pain/discomfort, burning, scratchiness and overproduction of tears/watery eyes. Fluctuating Vision can be common in the first weeks following LASIK. Symptoms that usually resolve between one week and one month are light sensitivity, hazy or blurred vision, glare, poor nighttime vision and dry eyes. Rarely, one might be unfortunate enough to experience loss of vision due to surgical complications but chances to this are few.

How soon after the LASIK the patient can get back to the normal routine?
If you have had the LASIK laser surgery procedure, you can go back to your work on the next day after the surgery. Most patients return to their normal activities the day after the procedure. Some other. But precautions should be continued after fifteen days to one month after the surgery as instructed by the doctor.

How many follow up or review visits do I need to make after the LASIK laser treatment?
In case of LASIK laser surgery, most patients are usually take the visits to the doctor three to five days interval following the treatment and then at least one month and up to three months after the treatment.

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